Trendy And Popular Short Haircuts 2017

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Short haircuts 2017 will be more popular with so many different short cut styles for women. Short hair cut is trendy for independent and chic women which easy to wear and low maintenance. Dare your self to try these fabulous short haircuts and declare your power and independence as a woman.

Cute short pixie with soft and wispy fringe will be a huge hit for Short haircuts 2017. This hair cut has proved its popularity among famous celebrity. This adorable pixie short hairstyle looks great with a formal gown and flatters your face perfectly. This is a fabulous style for fine or medium textured hair types and creates a pretty, feminine short hairstyle that suits oval, square and heart-shaped faces.

Short haircuts 2017 popular
Short haircuts 2017 popular

Arty ‘boho’ slicked back look is another Short haircuts 2017 that will gain popularity among women. Lengthen a low forehead or wide face with this carefree short haircut for women looking for an arty, avant-garde look. Choose caramel roots have an ombréd lighter shade drawing attention to the long, textured wave adding flattering height above the forehead. This is a look you can also achieve by slicking back the sides on a long fringe.

Short haircuts 2017 trends
Short haircuts 2017 trends

Short haircut 2017 for women has changed from an elegant wavy hair to trendy spiked. A very stylish hair cut for young woman with her own independent and take on glamour. Showing your individuality with dyed-color mini mohawk spike hairstyle. It gives edgy mode but with enough polish it’s suitable for a formal event.

Short haircuts 2017 bob
Short haircuts 2017 bob

Quirky asymmetrical bob short cut is always on the top list of trendy short hair. You can also add symmetrical bangs to boost your quirky and stylish appearance. This hair cut was very popular a few years ago, and will be popular again this year. A squarish face looks great with this Short haircut 2017  for breaking-up a strong jawline and elongating your face.

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