New Trending Hairstyles 2017 : Long Hair To Short Hair Ideas

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New trending hairstyles will be all about colors combination and highlight hair textures. Women will have a lot of options to style their hair start from long to short hair cut. These styles also evaporate complicated hair maintenance and treatment, because the trendy hairstyle will be more simple and easy to control.

New trending hairstyles 2017
New trending hairstyles 2017

The first New trending hairstyles is for guys with wavy long hair who want to look chic and adorable at the same time. You can try effortless textured layered waves style for you hair. The signature look of this style will be hotter if you cut your bangs bluntly, the bangs add a nice edge to your wavy long hair. It also gives versatile look and nicely frame your face so even when you put your hair up, you’re still really highlighting your face features.

New trending hairstyles american styles
New trending hairstyles american styles

Mid-Length layered hair is also one of the New trending hairstyles for men. You can see the famous british singer, Adele has successfully pull off this hairstyle. Cut your hair and form it like shoulder-grazing sweeping layers to create sexiness in your bob cut hair. Moreover, it also low-maintenance style which is perfect for those who prefer to not take a long time in front of the mirror.

New trending hairstyles for mens
New trending hairstyles for mens

Women with a lot of thick hair are mostly recommended to try long layered locks hair style. This fabulous hair cut can be natural extension for your thick hair and gives volume to your hair. Cut your hair gradually with wavy layers that start at the chin, the long and uniform layers give this style an edge and add an extraordinary amount of depth. Your fine hair can look limp and frizzy with too many layers. This is the best New trending hairstyles for women who have problem with their thickness hair.

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