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david beckham hair David beckham hair Popular hairstyle ~ i decided to do a men’s haircut so I went on google and i typed David Beckham hairstyle and this is popular men’s hairstyles right now. the same thing kept coming up which was the David Beckham haircut. so we went through i did my interpretation of that this is the end. results you can see nice clean back we did clipper guards, we did cook over comb, we did scissor. over comb a lot of different techniques involved in this haircut. so i hope you guys like it.

clipper and this is a cordless clipper I’ve been using quite a bit really love the power of it. so anytime i’m going to wet hair or also doing clipper over comb. this is pretty much my go-to for that. I have the level one blade on the clipper. so I just go through and I take out the bulk that’s really the goal of that.

David beckham hairstyle 2017 – now I’m going through and just blow drying the hair working the hair back and forth. i really just want to work out any kinks or any weird ways. the hair is laying and I go through with my number three guard using my andis master clipper and just saw working through, now watch the elevation of the Clipper.

david beckham hair

i’m not a big person I don’t like to fly through a clipper cut. you’ll notice that the Clippers moving a little bit faster the reason for that its. I’ve got this sped up. a little bit faster but really, I’m just gliding through and lifting up
as I go on building a graduation with the Clipper towards the end. so as the head starts around. i’m starting to pull away and just building up that kind of graduated edge up right below the parietal Ridge. so just working the Clipper through and my analogy for this has always been.

if you give you mow your yard. if you’re somebody that moser yard and you try to do it really really fast. you will miss a lot of the grass along the way. so your yard doesn’t look as consistent. so the same thing it, you’re going through. there the blades are only going to cut at so fast and that depends really on which clipper you’re using. so as I’m going through I like to go nice and slow go over the section a couple times and just work that clipper. so that it cuts every single hair the same length and we don’t have any of those rough edges. the whole purpose of doing a clipper cut is to get every hair. cut the same length so just work on your face with that and stay consistent.

now i’m going to my one guard so i went from a three guard down to my one but this is my one fully open so I got the blade the longest. so you see how to move the lever. I that what I’m doing is I’m just starting i’m working the edge of the haircut and then I’ve got my three towards the top.david beckham hair

I’m going to go through and blend that line this is the way I like to do it this isn’t the way that everyone should do it.
it’s just thought, it’s the way that works best for me so notice the only other thing. I want you to really kind of focus on is how I angle the Clipper. when I go around the ear just kind of levelling that edge out a little bit. Read More Haircuts for men

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